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With integrated bar code reader

Since its introduction in 2006 the VeriTape® LTO CM reader has gained wide acceptance as the premier tool to diagnose the health of LTO cartridges.

Its scoring algorithm, VeriScore®, has become the industry standard for calculating a single quality score from a complex set of statistical quality data.

The VeriTape® LTO CM reader is now also available with an integrated bar code scanner as model VT-LTO-BCS. Model VT-LTO-BCS automatically reads the cartridge label when a cartridge is present.

The bar code can be copied into the Cartridge Memory. If a bar code is already stored in the CM it is compared to the bar code label and a warning is displayed in case of a mismatch

The serial number of cartridges with defective labels can easily be retrieved from the CM and a new label can be printed.

Brochure of model VT-LTO-BCS